Three best friends from Kingwood start their own mobile boutique.

Chelsey Greaser, Moriah Peddicord, and her sister Miranda Peddicord are three friends from Kingwood who always dreamt of opening their own boutique but never had the time. In fall 2016, Moriah Peddicord was doing some research online and came across the idea of a mobile boutique. “We enjoy being outside and going to different events and music festivals,” she says. “Being able to take our shop there? It was like ‘Wow! This is really something that we can do.’ And it kind of sparked from there.”

In January 2017, the girls purchased an old FedEx truck—soon to be called Franny. It was the first step toward starting their Fernweh Boutique. “Fernweh” is German for wanderlust and “the Fernweh gals,” as they call themselves, wanted a meaningful name that both captured their dreams and marked the beginning of their journey.

They built their shop in the back of the truck with help from friends and family. By April 2017, Franny had already received her finishing touches. The next month, Fernweh Boutique made its debut at the Cheat River Festival in Preston County.

The boutique has an eclectic inventory. They sell women’s clothing that comes from their closets as well as donations from friends and family. But mostly, they find their wares in thrift stores—accessories and handmade jewelry, tapestries, blankets, and even a small section of men’s clothing. They have also paired up with local artists and companies to add to their shop. “It’s exciting to us,” Greaser says. “We’ve had a range of people older and younger that have come through and mostly everyone finds something.”

The Fernweh Boutique has been to the Buckwheat Festival, Bridge Day, MountainFest, and more. The gals also do “pop ups” at local events and private parties. “Everyone that comes has a really positive response to us,” Miranda says. “They say it’s a great idea and they like the concept.”

Only a few months after its debut, Fernweh was named West Virginia Mobile Boutique of the Year by the website Boutique Hub. “Fernweh Boutique – WV” on Facebook @fernwehboutique_wv on Instagram


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