Five ways to help a West Virginia small business today.

1. You’re probably cooking a lot more these days—why not source ingredients from local farms? You’ll help local farmers and benefit from knowing where the food you’re eating comes from. Here’s a comprehensive list of farms often at farmers markets throughout the state where you can find one close by.

2. Nonprofits are struggling right now, too, and many are trying to help more people than ever before. Consider making a donation to a nonprofit near you

3. Times like these are a great time to catch up on your quilting. Country Roads Quilt Shop has everything you need and is shipping orders out regularly.  

4. If you love estate sales, consider checking out Witcher Creek Vintage online. You’ll get your fix from the comfort and safety of your living room.

image courtesy of Witcher Creek Vintage

5. Are you looking for colorful ways to show your support in the community? Join the #304RainbowCorps. This newly formed initiative is calling for all West Virginia residents to create rainbows in creative places—think doors, sidewalks, windows, signs, and anywhere else you can imagine. Share a picture of your rainbow and tag the page on Instagram for a chance to win a prize, but most importantly as a symbol of hope and unity during social distancing.

posted on April 9, 2020

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Holly Leleux-Thubron
Written by Holly Leleux-Thubron
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