Shops in Point Pleasant offer Mothman-themed foods.

These days, Point Pleasant’s famous Mothman comes in many forms. The creepy cryptid was originally described as a “man-sized bird” with glowing red eyes. Now he’s more frequently seen in more manageable sizes—bite-size, you might say. Point Pleasant restaurants cash in on the creature’s haunting visage with some seriously tasty treats.

Village Pizza

At this local pizza joint, Mothman comes atop a large cheese pizza. His wings are made from mushrooms, his body of pepperoni, and his legs of sliced green peppers. The design is topped off with glowing red eyes made of cherry peppers. Owner John Roach says the restaurant sells the pizzas all year long, but they become a hot commodity during the annual Mothman Festival, held September 17 and 18 this year. ⎥ 3004 Jackson Avenue; 304. 675.4472

Coffee Grinder

This coffee shop, located conveniently across the street from the Mothman Museum, carries the largest variety of Mothman-related goodies. There are sugar cookies covered in green icing with red candy eyes. There’s a Mothman milkshake, a creamy green concoction with red candy eyes floating atop the whipped cream, as well as the Mothman latte. “Mothman droppings” are actually chocolate-covered espresso beans—thank goodness—and “Mothman balls” are the local name for buckeyes, chocolate balls filled with peanut butter. “Anything that’s Mothman sells pretty fast,” says employee Sarah Shaw. ⎥ 3330 Main Street; 304.593.9922

written and photographed by Zack Harold

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