A Jackson County distillery makes authentic moonshine, on the right side of the law.

Dwayne Freeman makes corn liquor just like his grandfather did, with one notable exception. The former coal miner uses the same basic ingredients, corn and sugar, to make honest-to-goodness West Virginia moonshine. But unlike grandpa, who went to jail for his hobby, Freeman makes and sells his liquor without the fear that revenuers will come knocking at his door. He and business partner James Hager founded Appalachian Distillery in Ripley in 2014. Stop by for a visit—and a sip.

Spit Fire
As if moonshine wasn’t hot enough, this appropriately-named drink offers a spicy cinnamon ?avor along with a 70-proof moonshine kick. One taste and you’ll see why this is one of Appalachian Distillery’s most popular products.

Orange Stuff
This is a grown-up version of that old ice cream truck favorite, the Creamsicle. But don’t let this orange-and-cream ?avoring fool you. This 40-proof blend still packs a powerful wallop.

Paw Paw
Named for one of West Virginia’s most overlooked indigenous plants— sometimes affectionately referred to as the “hillbilly banana”— Appalachian Distillery’s 40-proof Paw Paw moonshine offers a unique tropical ?avor that’s still ?rmly rooted in the mountains.

Straight Moon
This is the stuff your grandmother warned you about. This 90-proof unfl?avored liquor goes down as smooth as any barrel-aged whiskey—only to be followed by the unmistakable burn of moonshine. White lightning, indeed.

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