Broadway Sandwich Shop in Parkersburg is a local favorite.

Located on the south side of Parkersburg on Broadway Avenue, you might drive right by the Broadway Sandwich Shop if it wasn’t for all the cars in the parking lot and the steady stream of people going in and out. This rather plain, nondescript corner building has been home to a local favorite for quick and inexpensive burgers and hot dogs for years.

Don’t come expecting to be made a fuss over or poo-poo’d and pampered. This is straight up quick, cheap and tasty burgers and dogs with a bag of chips and a coke. And don’t bring your credit card the Broadway is cash-only. Get lunch to go or sit down in one of the booths that looks the same as it did 50 years ago, and enjoy your burger and dog hot off the grill that is literally right behind the cash register.

And did I say it was cheap? I took my wife for her very first Broadway experience (slightly different Broadway experience than she had in mind) and we had three burgers, two bags of chips and two Cokes and I got change back from my $10. And the chips? Mister Bees, of course. Made right there in Parkersburg.

Did I mention the plates? Of course not, because you don’t get one. A tray with paper is as fancy as you are going to get. For $1.19 a burger, what do you expect? The burgers are hot and delicious. Get the regular cheeseburger with everything, which means cheese, mustard, ketchup, onions, and pickle. Or the double. Or the triple for that matter. The hot dogs feature a delicious homemade sauce and onions and are fantastic.

If you want a no-nonsense lunch at an unbelievable price, you must stop by the Broadway the next time you are in Parkersburg—but don’t ask for fries! 600 Broadway Avenue, Parkersburg

written and photographed by Buddy Butler

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