We are kicking off our 10th anniversary by adding a new ancillary business.

For 10 years, the writers at New South Media have used their talents to fill our publications with stories about this wild, wonderful state we call home. Now, the minds that bring you WV Living, WV Weddings, Wonderful West Virginia, Morgantown magazine, and Explore are ready to put that literary talent to work for your business or organization.

Narrative by New South Media—founded by Nikki Bowman and Buddy Butler, two passionate people committed to telling the story of West Virginia—is a storytelling and content strategy shop that creates high-quality content for your brochures, catalogs, social media platforms, websites, visitors’ guides, and more. This new venture also helps clients develop a unique brand voice to ensure their identity carries across all platforms.

Bowman and Butler recently sat down to talk about their new venture and what it can offer to clients.

Why did you start Narrative?
Buddy Butler We’ve been talking about this for a long time. I have a great friendship with Nikki, lots of trust. I believe in the mission of all of the magazines. This seemed like a natural addition to that. Narrative will be another part of improving the image of West Virginia.

How does Narrative build on what New South Media is already doing?
Nikki Bowman Everything we do in our magazines is about sharing stories. Stories shape us. They help form what we think, how we feel, and who we are. Stories change us. They help build better communities and help businesses form long-lasting relationships.

But if you talk to most businesses, they find it a challenge to tell their own stories. And that’s where we can help.

What does Narrative offer that businesses need?
BB I think most companies know they need to push out fresh content, but they’re not really sure how to do it. Nor do they have the internal talent to do it. We have skilled storytellers, skilled writers, skilled photographers who can help them tell their story in the way they would love to be able to tell their story.

Beyond fresh content, why is it important that your clients also have a “brand voice”?
BB One of the things that we find is, there’s no consistency in the way some businesses and organizations speak or present themselves. Everything needs to come back to your core brand values, the things you value and your company represents.

Is Narrative limited to just West Virginia clients?
NB Absolutely not. Obviously, West Virginia is our home and we love promoting our state, but we are not limiting ourselves to our borders. We have fabulous writers and storytellers throughout the country that will be working with us to create content for our clients.

We want to create powerful, authentic stories that have an emotional impact. To forge enduring relationships, you’ve got to be emotionally engaged. We want to offer more compelling stories to more people across multiple platforms for our clients in West Virginia and beyond.

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