Franklin Alderman

Dr. Frank Alderman is a member of the four-person team that founded MedExpress more than a decade ago in Morgantown’s Wharf District. With Alderman as CEO, the team of health care innovators expanded its quick-care facilities to employ 3,000 people. In July 2014 the company will open its 130th facility with a new location in Michigan, extending services to 10 states. We recently caught up with Alderman to get a few of his thoughts on his life’s work so far.

Originally published in West Virginia Focus magazine

MedExpress is all about exceeding expectations one patient at a time in a welcoming environment. From the time we opened our first center in Morgantown in 2001 until today, we’ve had an unwavering focus on providing great care fast, and in a genuine, friendly manner.

Fifteen years ago I was in residency thinking about how to blend what I had learned from my family about world-class customer service through their work at the Greenbrier Hotel in White Sulphur Springs with the delivery of great health care. I envisioned a model that would combine high-quality health care with that same gold-standard service I saw growing up in Greenbrier Valley. That was the kernel of the idea for MedExpress.

When the MedExpress founders met for late-night planning and work sessions, we drank red wine and brainstormed innovating the delivery of patient-centric health care.

Being a doctor and an entrepreneur is an honor and a privilege. Most days are exciting and very rewarding. I feel blessed to be a part of an organization that does vital work each and every day for our patients and our communities.

Urgent care in West Virginia continues to be embraced by our communities. We are grateful to be able to call so many West Virginia towns and cities home and are honored to be able to provide them with access to high-quality, affordable care in a patient-centric manner.

In five years we will continue to exceed expectations one patient at a time, working with our wonderful teams at MedExpress. Oftentimes I’m asked the secret of our success; it’s our people.

My biggest priority is my family—immediate and extended. The majority still live in wild and wonderful West Virginia and are proud to call it home.

My power lunch is a salad. I snack on almonds throughout the day. They keep me energized!

Capitol Hill will continue to seek innovative solutions for health care. MedExpress is focused on providing this. We’re proud to welcome our patients in a warm and welcoming way, seven days a week, 12 hours a day. Our patient-centric focus was in place well before discussion of the Affordable Care Act, and it will remain our focus.

I am a passionate optimist. I have a wonderful family and do meaningful work. Can’t get much better than that!

I believe in always being humble and having a can-do attitude. In times of adversity character is displayed, not made. How you deal with adversity will define your ultimate level of success.

My recipe for success includes remembering to be a simplifier, be a giver, say please and thank you, take no success for granted, and have fun.

Interviewed by Katie Griffith
Photographed by Rebecca Devono Photography

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