If the recent wave of warm weather gave you spring fever, you’re not alone. Soothe your inner restlessness with a trip—why not the Huntington Museum of Art

Take an adventure into the art of other cultures with a refreshing glimpse of vibrant Haitian works. These paintings and sculptures from Haitian masters elicit the tropical winds and sunny ambience of the Caribbean. It’s just one of the museum’s many interesting collections.

The museum’s Plant Conservatory is the only one in West Virginia. Get a glimpse of the colorful orchids and other natural beauties and oddities that make up this living display. 

The Glass Gallery is representative of the glass industry and history in the Ohio Valley. See the aesthetics that distinguish different eras of glass and learn about the meticulous processes used to make them.

If your interest extends to research, check out the James D. Francis Art Library. The library has thousands of literary works to give you more depth on the art you’re viewing around the museum. Call ahead to schedule an appointment for your research.

Finally, in typical and satisfying fashion, the museum provides outdoor experiences for tourists through hiking trails. With over 40 acres of hillside, the museum has that breath of Appalachian air for the restless or adventurous visitor. If you’re interested in learning about the surrounding areas, you can also schedule a tour.

Photographed by Nikki Bowman Mills

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