Pizza connoisseurs are flocking to Pizzas & Cream, a tiny treasure tucked away in Clay County.

Are you ready for a culinary surprise in one of the most unexpected places? Hop in the car and head to Nebo. Yes, Nebo, a teeny unincorporated town in Clay County. Take exit 40 off Interstate 79 and drive north on West Virginia Route 16 until you see the large sign for Pizzas & Cream, pointing you down a gravel country road. You may hesitate a minute, but turn anyway. On the left, you’ll see a simple house with picnic tables in the yard. The gravel driveway is a parking lot. Pull in. Tucked behind the house is what may be the smallest pizzeria in the state. 

Inside you’ll find a darling family, the Millers. Ed Miller, along with his son Stephen, built an outdoor wood-fired oven after a trip to Italy. It started as a surprise for Ed’s wife, Joy, but crafting the perfect pizza in the oven soon became a dogged pursuit. By 2015, they decided to take their hobby to the next level, enclosed the brick oven in a building, and opened a business. They added homemade Italian ice, gelato, and ice cream to their menu of artisan pizzas, put some picnic tables on the lawn, and were off and running. 

For the past two years people from all over the state have made their way to Pizzas & Cream, and leave raving about their creations. The crisp but perfectly chewy dough sets the stage for creative and fresh toppings. The pizzas begin at $10 with toppings at $1 each, or try one of their specialty pizzas like Meat and Merlot or Hot Hawaiian BBQ. 

You can take your pizza to go or grab a seat at one of the picnic tables and enjoy the country setting. Where else can you enjoy pizza while free-range chickens strut around your table? It’s no mistake Pizzas & Cream was chosen as one of the state tourism department’s 101 Most Unique Places to Dine.

Don’t leave without dessert. I repeat: Don’t leave without dessert. The gelato is to die for, the butter pecan ice cream is divine. And nothing beats the tangy strawberry or lemon Italian ice on a hot day.

Pizzas & Cream is open Tuesday through Saturday from 4 to 10 p.m. 133 Nebo Walker Road, 304.286.2985, “Pizzas & Cream” on Facebook

written and photographed by Nikki Bowman