Visit West Virginia Marketplace in the Capitol Market in Charleston for a wide selection of West Virginia products that will heat you up on cold winter days.

1. Ramp Wing Sauce, Fish Hawk Acres, Rock Cave,, $9

2. Italian-style Peppers, Oliverio Peppers, Clarksburg,, $7.59

3. Habanero Sauce, Blue Smoke, Anstead,, $5.50

4. Salsa, Fire Creek Salsa, Kenna, $9

5. Chili in a Bottle, Uncle Bunk’s, Sisterville,, $5

6. Hot Pepper Butter, Thistledew Farm, Proctor,, $6.50

7. Chili Mix, Ordinary Evelyn’s, Clay, 304.587.7109, $3.99

8. Meat Varnish, Lem’s Meat Varnish, South Charleston, $10.99

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