Five ways to help a West Virginia small business today. 

1. Check out all the stylish and comfy custom-designed apparel at Kinship Goods. Any of these items would be a perfect addition to your work-from-home wardrobe. We’re guessing colleagues will demand to know where you got them during your next Zoom meeting.  

image courtesy of Kin Ship Goods

2. Loving WV has plenty of West Virginia–proud apparel to choose from. We especially love the “Food of My People” ramp shirt. A truer statement has never been made this time of year. 

image courtesy of Loving WV

3. Wild and Wonderful Lifestyle Company makes great-looking clothing that’s comfortable to wear. Buy a new West Virginia–themed tee or sweatshirt that you’ll want to wear for more days in a row than you probably should. 😉

image courtesy of WV Store

4.  Made In West Virginia is another awesome apparel company showcasing Mountain State love on its clothing. Check out the goods and pick up a few new pieces. 

image courtesy of Made in WV

5. Gone are the days of dress shoes, at least for a little while longer. That doesn’t mean you should stay in your house slippers all day, though. Consider buying the next best thing with a pair of Gurkee’s Rope Sandals made right here in West Virginia.

image courtesy of Gurkee’s Rope Sandals

posted on April 23, 2020

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Holly Leleux-Thubron
Written by Holly Leleux-Thubron
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