Bonnie Belle’s bakeries in Nutter Fort and Bridgeport are selling the perfect gift for friends and family.

For 70 years, Harrison County bakery Bonnie Belle’s has earned a dedicated following for its delectable cakes, cupcakes, petit fours, and cookies. But there’s one relatively new addition to the menu that is really getting customers’ attentions—the Cup-A-Cake, a gourmet cupcake in a Mason jar with delicious layers of filling and icing in every bite.

“We wanted to have something that you could transport easily, that you could mail, and that is a ‘gifty’ kind of thing,” say Linda Fowler, owner of Bonnie Belle’s. It was only natural to co-opt the bakery’s popular cupcake recipes for this new product line. “We sell thousands of cupcakes, so it seemed like a good idea,” she laughs.

Bonnie Belle’s now serves more than a dozen flavors of Cup-A-Cakes, like Snickers, Oreos, Raspberry, Strawberry Cream Cheese, Lemon, Peanut Butter, Triple Chocolate, Red Velvet, and more. There’s even a Mountaineer Cup-A-Cake in white, blue, and yellow.

Besides being a delicious treat, Cup-A-Cakes are also handy. Because they come in a jar, you can eat some now, then put the lid on and save the rest for later. Good luck with that, by the way.

Cup-A-Cakes are good for kids, too, since they can eat them on the go without the mess of a regular cupcake. The treats are also the perfect, affordable gift for teachers, hairstylists, friends, relatives, and anyone else you want to sweeten up.

Fowler says businesses are now buying Cup-A-Cakes for their clients, and customers have mailed the jars to faraway relatives. “It’s a neat little gift that’s not really expensive and the people just love,” she says. 1520 Buckhannon Pike, Nutter Fort, 304.622.7471; 20 Shaner Drive, White Oaks, Bridgeport, 304.848.1100;