Cupcakerie employees setting up cupcake displays

Morgantown is sweet on this special bakery bistro where cupcakes are queen.

Originally published in West Virginia Focus magazine

The Cupcakerie was born after two Morgantown natives and WVU alums decided to combine their experience and passion for small business and cupcakes. Anna McCarty Carrier received her MBA and JD at WVU, and Janet Nelson graduated with a degree in political science. Soon after Anna went to work at Hamstead, Williams, and Shook in 2007, she and Janet, a paralegal, became friends. “We both love Morgantown, we love West Virginia, we love WVU, we love the color pink, and we love cupcakes,” Anna says. She says she’d always wanted to use her business degree rather than her law degree, and they both thought opening a cupcake shop between campus and downtown would make an already great town better. “Both Janet and I have always loved cooking and baking. My earliest memories of baking are with my grandmother during the holidays.”

At The Cupcakerie, treats come in mini, regular, and jumbo sizes. “We like the aspect of the individual cupcake. It’s good portion control, and it’s unique and personal to the consumer,” Anna says. Each cupcake is made using local ingredients as much as possible, and nothing is processed. The Cupcakerie features more than 50 varieties—all of them elegant and scrumptious.

Each day, a handful of different flavors are available. Don’t worry if your heart is set on one flavor—Anna says all varieties can be specially ordered by the dozen or half-dozen. And cupcakes were only the start. A rich, steaming mug of hot cocoa is available on chilly days, and a homemade pepperoni roll paired with a cupcake makes for a special lunch.

The Cupcakerie even offers gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan options, and the  “cupcakeistas” are eager to cater to any event and will design original cupcakes to add a personal touch.

“Opening The Cupcakerie has been a dream come true for Janet and I. The word is out that The Cupcakerie is the place to be for cupcakes that are too good to be true. We are busier and happier than we ever dreamed we could be, and we look forward to serving Morgantown for many years to come,” Anna says.

The Cupcakerie
194 Willey Street, Morgantown, WV 26505

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