Adam Smith lives in Washington, D.C., where he is the communications director for Every Voice, a national nonprofit working to reform the way our elections are financed so everyday people can have a bigger voice in the process. But before all that, he was a kid growing up in Parkersburg. These are his favorite haunts when he comes back to visit.

Broadway Sandwich Shop

My dad used to take me for lunch during the summers. You can get a full lunch for a couple bucks. It’s not fancy, and there aren’t a lot of choices. But it feels like home. If you need directions, ask a local where “Smitty’s” is.

Fort Boreman Park

It’s an old Civil War fortification on top of a hill that the city reopened as a park a couple years ago. Union soldiers used it as a vantage point for protecting the city, so it has one of the best views you can find. Eat a picnic lunch as you look out at downtown and the Ohio River. And make sure to take a selfie with the old military cannon.

Clown Golf

Technically just outside Parkersburg, but it still counts as one of my favorite places. Two dollars gets you an 18-hole game of putt putt. There are no flowing fountains or giant windmills at this hidden gem, but it’s still a fun and challenging course and a cheap after-dinner activity with out-of-town guests. My nine-year-old nephew bragged about getting a hole-in-one a couple weeks ago. You might as well play a second game, too.

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