Get your just desserts on Charleston’s Capitol Street.

Charleston’s Capitol Street is so named because, long before the big gold dome we know today, the state’s center of government was smack in the middle of downtown. The street remains Charleston’s capital of culture, with many of the town’s best restaurants and shops located within just a few blocks.   It’s also the place to go for Charleston’s best desserts. Whether you’re looking for an after-dinner treat or just a mid-afternoon coffee break, Capitol Street has what your sweet tooth desires.

1. The Peanut Shoppe
Our tour starts at this downtown Charleston institution. For more than 60 years, The Peanut Shoppe has offered snackers a huge array of fresh-roasted nuts, fresh-popped popcorn, and candy like jelly beans, gummy bears, and all kinds of chocolate-covered delights including berries, cherries, nuts, and raisins. It even makes special accommodations for those on a diet—smells are always free.

126 Capitol Street, 304.342.9493, @thepeanutshoppe on Facebook

2. Charleston Bread
This is the place to go for fresh-baked bread, whether you’re looking for sourdough, challah, wheat, or baguette. But it’s also home to delectable cinnamon rolls, meringues, and cookies, all baked fresh every day. You can even pick up a bag of doggie treats for your favorite four-legged friend.

601 Capitol Street, 304.720.3022,

3. Rock City Cake Company
This bakery recently moved into a space once occupied by a gym. “Fitness?” the sign out from recently read. “More like fit’n’ this whole cupcake in my mouth.” Cakes are its namesake, but Rock City’s greatest hits also include cookies and pastries. Check out its jumbo-sized, cream-filled long johns.

205 Capitol Street, 304.265.9154,



4. Ellen’s Homemade Ice Cream
Ellen’s offers some of the best coffee drinks and healthy lunch options in Charleston. But let’s be real—the real attraction is the homemade ice cream, sorbet, and gelatos.  Our favorite? Oreo Espresso ice cream, which also happens to be Ellen’s Wi-Fi password.

225 Capitol Street, 304.343.6488,



5. Holl’s Swiss Chocolates
We end our sweet stroll at Holl’s shop in the Capitol Market. Choose from a variety of boxed collections or, better yet, build your own sampler from the many dark chocolate, milk chocolate, cream-filled, nut-filled, and even sugar-free delicacies available from this Wood County-based chocolatier.

800 Smith Street, 800.842.4512,

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