This musical trio of sisters is making a name for itself on the country music scene.

The Joseph Sisters got their start in music young—really young. Marybeth, the eldest, sang before she talked. “Mom says she would sit in her crib and just sing and sing,” says Shalyn, the youngest. Their first gig as a group was in the grade-school talent show; their dad built wooden boxes for the younger sisters to stand on to reach the microphone. From there they moved on to performing at church services and school functions and eventually got hired as the backup singers for a local band in Wheeling—the first time Shalyn set foot in a bar was as a middle schooler, when they were doing a gig on a floating bar on a barge.

When the girls got older, it looked like they might give up the band and quietly start working ordinary jobs. “But when it came to the time when we were supposed to be doing our careers we were just like, ‘No. We like music way better, and we can do this,’” Shalyn says. “And it’s working out awesome.”

The sisters’ debut single, “Crazy in Love,” was released in February, and the track has been getting radio play all over the country. The song, like a lot of the sisters’ music, is an upbeat, pop-country love song. “It’s about that first three or four months when you’re falling in love and it’s just a whirlwind—you want to do everything with the person, you are crazy in love with them, you’ll do crazy things for them,” Shalyn says. “We love love.”

The Joseph Sisters’ shows are high-energy and fun, and the girls know how to work a crowd. It’s hard to avoid Dixie Chicks comparisons—that group was also formed by sisters, after all—and the girls think that’s apt. They want to do the kind of family-friendly, fun pop-country music that was popular a generation ago, and they don’t want to veer into the territory of over-sexed pop stars. “That’s just not who we are,” Shalyn says. “We’re all about woman power because it’s us three women, and we think we can get far on that and our vocals.”

written by Shay Maunz

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