West Virginia and Morgantown top the charts for numbers of health care workers on the job.

Morgantown has more workers in the medical field than any other metro in the U.S. with a population under 350,000 residents, according to a study released in April 2020 by Self Financial. The study counted 10,590 health care practitioners and support workers—that comes to 7.55 for every 100 residents. In fact, only one city of any size across the nation—Ann Arbor, Michigan, with 7.59 health care workers per 100 residents—has more.

West Virginia ranks very near the top, too. The Mountain State’s 80,540 health care workers rank the state 13th, with 4.46 health care workers for every 100 residents.

With rankings like these, West Virginia has good reason to look forward to a healthier future.

posted on May 6, 2020

image courtesy of Mon Health Systems

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Holly Leleux-Thubron
Written by Holly Leleux-Thubron
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